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A Conversation
on Prevention

Guest blogger, Youth, March 1st, 2013

Youth Forum is the Place to Be – Apply Today

Amber Bolu volunteers with a number of Canadian Cancer Society initiatives including Relay For Life, 2013 Provincial Election Advocacy and the Youth Forum. She’s passionate about helping others and loves being outdoors and traveling. Here’s her take on why the Youth Forum is the place to be this spring.

At 22 years old, there are too many people I know that have fought against cancer. My peers and I have all been affected and I have been desperately trying to find a silver lining. In my second year of university, I found it: 50 percent of cancers are preventable. What if half of the people diagnosed with cancer this last year, weren’t? It’s true that I am a young woman growing up in a world touched by cancer, but I am also living in a world that is full of bright innovative youth in an environment where anything can happen. The Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon, hopes to encourage pioneering minds to join the revolt against cancer through the Youth Forum on May 11, 2013. The Youth Forum will give young men and women a chance to fight against cancer and get others involved too.

I want to attend the Youth Forum because it will give me a chance to meet others who want to join me in the fight against cancer and who are passionate for life. I want to be a leader in cancer prevention. I want to ensure that my mother lives long enough to play with my grandchildren. I want my husband and me to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. With the voices from youth all over British Columbia all of this can be possible. For me, being a leader in cancer prevention means learning, teaching and creating a community that is willing to fight for a cancer-free future.

The passion that I have for cancer prevention stems from my belief that moms, dads, brothers, sisters and friends all have the right to live! Young men and women like me are going to be integral players in taking a stand against cancer. We will be the ones to learn, translate the knowledge and advocate for others who cannot. By applying to be a part of the youth forum, you can have the chance to be a leader in cancer prevention, share ideas with others and be a part of something that is way bigger than cancer. I know the power that we have and when we band together as a team we can be unstoppable. We hold the future is in our hands, so let’s make it cancer-free.

A cancer-free future starts with registering for the Youth Forum at