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A Conversation
on Prevention

Guest blogger, Tanning, June 7th, 2013

What if…

by Mackenzie Carnes, summer student with the Society and Tanning is Out coordinator for the Fraser Valley Region.

What if…“What if health was more important than that healthy looking glow?”

What if when someone tells you that cancer is preventable, you stop to wonder how?

We are a generation of procrastinators living in the now. We skip simple things like putting on sunscreen because we are young and are invincible. We laugh as we tell our friends how we got burned. The redness eventually fades and we forget the sting. We scoff at people telling us that one day we will pay. We think that it is so far away, who cares, we are living for today.

What if when we are older, the burns that we ignored come back?

Our skin does not forget. The damage builds, even if we can’t see it, until one day the doctor tells us a word that begins with a “c”. I do not want to regret.

What if today we make the change to prevent a preventable cancer? What if we look at our skin, whatever colour it may be, and we appreciate that it is just fine? What if we stop worrying? What if we disagree when someone says that a tan is beautiful?

What if tanning was out?