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Men's Health

Your game plan to
defend against
men's cancers
below the waist.

Men's Health Game Plan

Testicular cancer is usually curable if detected early. If you are between 15 and 35 check your equipment down below. After a shower is best. Look for lumps, pain or a dull ache. Know what is normal for you. And talk to your doctor if you notice anything unusual. Learn More

Prostate cancer is serious but if you know the signs, you’ll be ready. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. It usually grows slowly and can be managed or cured. Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of testing for prostate cancer, especially if you are 50 or over. Look for changes or pain in urination, blood in urine or semen or pain during ejaculation. Learn More

Colorectal cancer is a serious opponent but can be beaten at an early stage. Testing for colorectal cancer can save lives. Changes in the colon can be treated before cancer develops. It’s awkward to talk about but you should have the facts. It’s most common in people over 50 but can appear earlier. Know the signs and risks especially if there is colorectal cancer in the family. Learn More

Stick to the game plan!

Did you know...

Colorectal cancer
is the third
most commonly
diagnosed cancer
in men.

Did you know...

Your prostate is
a gland about the
size of a walnut
that has a big role in

Did you know...

Healthy testes
produce 10 million
new sperm cells
in six months.