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Women's Health

is serious.
You need
a game plan.

Women's Health Game Plan

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Being a woman and getting older are the biggest risk factors. Whatever your age, know what is normal for your breasts. Learn More

Age 40-49: Talk to your doctor about your risks of breast cancer.
Age 50-69: Have a mammogram every two years.
Age 70+: Talk to your doctor about how often you should have a mammogram.

Colorectal cancer is also common in women but can be treated successfully when detected at an early stage. It’s most common in people over 50 but can appear earlier. Screening saves lives. If you are 50 or older have a stool test at least every two years, know the signs and risks especially if there is colorectal cancer in the family. Learn More

Cervical cancer can be detected with a Pap test. The main risk factor for developing cervical cancer is the human papillomavirus (HPV). If you become sexually active, start having a regular Pap test by the time you are 21. Two vaccines are available that protect against some strains of HPV. Learn More

Did you know...

A diet high
in fibre can
reduce your risk
of colorectal cancer.

Did you know...

Two vaccines are
available in Canada
that protect against
several types of the
HPV virus.

Did you know...

therapy can
increase the risk of
breast cancer.