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Research funding supports a wide range of outstanding research initiatives focusing on all types of cancer. We believe that lives can be saved with improved detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. And we won't stop until we eradicate cancer.

A number of current research projects focus on cancers that commonly develop in men as well as some recent studies focused specifically on prevention.

Prostate cancer

Dr Christopher Ong at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre is targeting an important protein (Semaphorin 3C) which is elevated in patients with prostate cancer and stimulates the cancer's growth. Dr Ong is working to develop drugs to potentially interfere with this proteins' harmful activity.

Dr Michael Cox at the University of British Columbia is working to identify new approaches to treating advanced stage prostate cancer. Prostate cancer in advanced stages has become resistant to available treatments. His research focuses on the mechanisms of an important pathway and its role in tumour cell growth and survival.

Colorectal cancer

Dr Donald Yapp at the BC Cancer Agency aims to improve treatment of colorectal cancer by testing the effectiveness of a new drug, Irinophore C, which targets the blood vessels, providing nutrients to the tumour.


Dr Carolyn Gotay, Canadian Cancer Society Chair in Cancer Primary Prevention at UBC is studying the effect of health promotion strategies delivered in the workplace. Her investigations will determine if three workplace interventions have an impact on employees' health, work and lifestyle habits.

Dr Ryan Rhodes, of the University of Victoria is conducting a rigorous study on the family use of exercise games. The study compares the use and effects of an interactive exercise video bike with a stationary bike.